Thursday, March 4, 2010

Asteroid Hunter submitted to Dream Build Play

Asteroid Hunter, the 3d variant of "Asteroids" written in F#, is participating in Dream Build Play.

The game features 12 levels of increasing difficulty. In addition to the solo mode, you can also play against up to 3 of your friends on split screen.

I am hoping to publish the game on the XBox Live Indie Games channel later this spring.


Michael Robin said...

Great job in showing a compelling F# game example!

I have to say though that I think this is yet another perfect example of 2D acheiving far better game-play than 3D. (2D is just more playable and fun for this type of game, IMHO.)

Joh. said...

Michael, thanks for the kind words and your honest opinion regarding 3D.

I agree, it's a challenge to make a fun version of Asteroids 3D. 2D has the advantage of combining optimal levels of difficulty and controllability.

What 3D has going for itself is immersion. The video does not convey it, but positional sound effects in the game are probably what I'm most proud of at the moment.