Monday, December 12, 2011

Converting FS project files to target Xbox 360

Of interest to anyone using F# and XNA to make games targeting the Xbox 360: I'm working on a script to convert fsproj files for the PC platform to the Xbox platform.

It's not 100% ready yet, the converted files need some manual editing before they are usable.

The advantage of using a script over using the project template is that no additional and unnecessary directory is created. It also keeps all project content, no need to re-add all dll references and source files.

Here are some known issues:
- Project references are not automatically updated.
- System.Xml and System.Xml.Serialization and possibly other XNA dlls cannot be added from Visual Studio. It complains that those libs are not compatible with the targeted framework despite the fact that they are.
- You need the custom FSharp.Core.dll and accompanying files for Xbox360 somewhere in your solution. You get them as part of the F# + XNA templates, they are also in XNAUtils/FSharpCore.