Monday, December 6, 2010

New trailer

My game for the Xbox 360 has been renamed to "Asteroid Sharp Shooter".

They say "Ignorance is bliss", and they are right. After uploading a freshly made trailer for my game, I did a search on "Asteroid Hunter" on youtube. In the results, an indie game for mobile phones (Android and iPhone) turned up. It's dated from July 2010. Its author hasn't contacted me and as far as I know, probably does not know about me. I decided to rename my game nevertheless. I must say I don't like the new name as much, but "c'est la vie".

Anyway, here is the new trailer!

The music for the trailer is "Remnants of Yesterday" by "SynthR", under cc-by-sa 2.5.
My video is also protected by a Creative Commons license, namely cc-by-sa 3.0.


Dave Thomas said...

How are you finding developing in F# as opposed to say C# are you finding the lack of productivity tools a problem or are you getting on ok?

I enjoyed developing some Xna with C# a few years ago...

Joh. said...

I'm preparing a blog post on the question on "What do you get by using F#?", which will cover both the positives and the negatives.

The lack of some refactoring tools for F# in Visual Studio, compared with C#, is one of the negatives.

As far as I'm concerned, the positives of F# far outweigh the negatives. Although I miss "Find all references" and "Rename", I have no problem surviving without them.

Looking at it seems feasible to add support for refactoring, I wouldn't be surprised if it was added by a VS extension within a year.

DX Jas said...
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DX Jas said...

Great job on your game! I didn't know you could do F# with XNA.


Joh. said...

Thanks DX Jas! Well, now you know :)