Saturday, November 13, 2010

XNAUtils released under the Apache 2.0 license

I have just created a public repository on bitbucket containing various reusable F# modules that I developed for Asteroid Hunter.

It's all there:

I had a quick look over the code, it's all pretty clean and short, but it lacks documentation and examples on how to use it.

I ported the code and project files to XNA 4.0 and F# 2.0, but I have not tested the binaries. Chances are, they do not work yet.

Nevertheless, I hope it will be useful to others out here, and help more Xbox games to be written in F#.

UPDATE (Nov 25):
Asteroid Hunter was written for XNA Game Studio 3.1 using F# (from may 2010). As I describe it in further details in the next post, the latest versions of XNA Game Studio and F# are not compatible.

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